How it works

Jaba is a new type of social media app where you can post and rate pretty much everything, see what your friends are thinking and just have fun.

Think the Star Wars trailer was awesome? Want to vent on Trump, or show him some love? Found something funny you just have to share?

Rate and share it on Jaba and let your opinion shape what’s hot. Get some Jaba in your life!

See what others really think

Say goodbye to scrolling through millions of posts or letting ‘experts’ tell you what’s good or bad. With Jaba users set the score and you can quickly see what your friends and others are rating.

For content that's all killer, no filler

Jaba brings you the best stuff each day that users are upvoting. what tags you’re following, and from people who you really care about. Likewise you get to build your own Jaba group and share your passions. Join in the waitlist today and help us shape the future of social apps.


Paul Nery (CEO, founder)

Paul Nery had the idea for Jaba after feeling like the existing media and social media apps were giving him too much of a bubble perspective. He wanted to see a range of views and find people who shared (or didn’t share) the same views. And he didn’t want to do it by trawling through millions of hashtags. He thought it would be cool if people could express their thoughts on stuff that’s happening in an easy, fun and interesting ways - and in a way that would last and be helpful to others too. Through this he came up with the idea of letting people rate the hashtag and then
(after lots of drafts and coffee) he came up with Jaba